Lunar Eclipse 2022: During Chandra Grahan, THESE temples in India are not closed; know why

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Lunar Eclipse 2022: The last and second lunar eclipse of the year will be occurring today, on the day of Kartik Purnima. This will be a total lunar eclipse and can be seen in some areas of India. From a religious point of view, eclipse is considered to be inauspicious. Worshiping during the eclipse is prohibited and most temples remain close. These rules of eclipse come into practice as soon as the Sutak period begins. Sutak period lasts for12 hours during solar eclipse and 9 hours before the lunar eclipse.

Like eclipse, Sutak period is also not considered auspicious. The doors of the temple are closed as soon as the Sutak begins. However, there are some temples located in India which remain open even during the lunar eclipse and Sutak period. Let us know what is the reason behind this.

Vishmupada Temple

There is no effect of the eclipse on Vishnupad temple of Gaya in Bihar. Here, the doors of the temple remain open even during solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. The recognition of the temple increases significantly on the day of the eclipse because Pind Daan is done here during that time. It is considered auspicious to do so.

Mahakal Temple

The Mahakal temple at Ujjain also remains open during the eclipse. Devotees are not prohibited from visiting the temple during the eclipse period, nor are the doors of the temple are closed. However, there is a difference in the timing of worship and aarti. The timing of the aarti changes as soon as the eclipse occurs.

Laxminath Temple

The door of the ancient Laxminath temple also remains open during the Sutak period. There is a story related to this, according to which, once upon a time when the sutak began, a priest closed the doors of the Laxminath temple. God was not worshiped on that day nor was he offered the bhog. The same night a boy went to the confectionery shop opposite the temple and said that he was hungry. He asked for prasad by giving a pajeb to the confectioner. The confectioner also gave him prasad. The next day the news of Pajeb’s disappearance from the temple spread. When the confectioner told about the boy to the priest, it was believed that the hungry child was none other than Laxminath Maharaj himself. After this incident, the doors of this temple do not close during the Sutak of the eclipse. Rather, an aarti is held here and the Lord is offered bhog. The doors of the temple are closed only during the eclipse period.

Disclaimer- This article is based on general public information and proverbs. India TV does not confirm its veracity.

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