LPG Price Today: Good News!! Govt announces BIG cut in LPG price

LPG Price: Giving some relief to the people from inflation, the prices of LPG cylinders have been reduced on Friday, July 1. Indane gas cylinder rates have been reduced by Rs 198 in the national capital Delhi on July 1. In Mumbai and Chennai it has been reduced by ₹187.

Petroleum company Indian Oil has cut prices of commercial cylinders. However, domestic LPG cylinder consumers are facing the brunt of higher prices. The price of the domestic LPG cylinder of 14.2 kg remains constant. It is still available at the same rate as on May 19.

LPG price in Delhi (₹19 per kg cylinder), a monthly comparison

July 1: ₹2021

June 1: ₹2219

May 19: ₹2354

May 7: ₹2346

May 1: ₹2355.5

April 1: ₹2253

March 22: ₹2003

March 1: ₹2012

Last month, the rates of commercial cylinders were reduced by Rs 135, while in May consumers of domestic LPG cylinders were hit twice. The rate of domestic cylinder (LPG Cylinder Price Today) was increased by ₹ 50 for the first time on May 7 and on May 19 also the price of a domestic LPG gas cylinder was increased.

Price of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder

Delhi: ₹1,0003

Mumbai: ₹1,0003

Kolkata: ₹1,029

Chennai: ₹1,019

Lucknow: ₹1,041

Jaipur: ₹1,007

Patna: ₹1,093

Indore: ₹1,031

Ahmedabad: ₹1,010

Pune: ₹1,006

Gorakhpur: ₹1,012

Bhopal: ₹1,009

Agra: ₹1,016

Ranchi: ₹1,061

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