Love heals! Couples live more than single people, Happy hormones increase immunity, reduce pain

New Delhi: It is often said that there is a eternal power in love. It is a medicine for every ailment. When couples are happy with each other, then even the biggest troubles seem small.

At the same time, if one partner falls ill, the other becomes his medicine. Recently a research was done in China which found that patients suffering from colon cancer, if they are in happily married relationship, then they live longer than single people.

72% of married men and women have increased breathing

A study was conducted at Anhui Medical University in China. In this, between 2010-2015, 3600 people who were battling colon cancer were studied. The recovery rates of these patients were measured by age, tumor size and whether they were single or married. Scientists in China found that 72% of married men and women lived long after getting cancer. Whereas this did not happen with single people.

This study also found that women have a longer life than men. Actually, couples give emotional support to each other, which also acts as a medicine.

Some hormones remove tension

The human brain contains neurotransmitters that control emotion. When a person has tension, the stress level increases and lifestyle diseases start surrounding such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity.

When there is love between the couple, there is no estrangement, then they are happy with each other. This releases happy hormones. Dopamine and adenosine reduce stress. In such a situation, if a person falls ill and the partner takes care of them, then the effect of the disease starts decreasing.

Healing relationship is formed by staying together for a long time

If the relationship of husband-wife is happy, then a healing relationship is formed in them. When one suffers, the other makes every effort to remove it.

This connection is made only when there is trust, honesty, love and patience in the relationship. When 2 people live together for a long time, then this relationship is formed between them.

Couples rarely go to the doctor

The US Department of Health and Human Services conducted a study on marriage and health. It was found that married people visit the doctor less often. The logic behind this was that when two people have a happy relationship, they take care of themselves and their partners.

It also said that a happy married life keeps women and men away from depression. The blood pressure of the couple also remains under control.

Injuries heal twice as fast in a positive relationship

A positive relationship between the couple heals the wound quickly. It was found in research from The Ohio State University Medical Center. Which was published in Archives of General Psychiatry. It was found that couples who are happy with each other, their injuries heal twice faster than other people.

Pain effects less while holding partner’s hand

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, couples who have been together for a long time also control each other’s pain.

This study was done on more than 1 lakh single and married couples. All of them had problems with headache and back pain. In this, the effect of pain on married people was seen less.

At the same time, according to a study published in Psychological Science, 16 married women were given electric shock. Women who were holding their husband’s hand showed less effect of shock on their brains.

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