Long-term Relationships: How Can One Rebuild Love After Emotional Damage

New Delhi: “Human beings are wired to connect – and we have the most complex and interesting social behavior out of all animals,” said Michael Platt, Ph.D., a biological anthropologist from the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. Human life is a blessing because we humans have the ability to express our feelings and affection towards other people in a better way than any other organism. Human relationships can be imperfect in many ways but what makes them seem perfect is the attachment and concern people share mutually, after a long time, the relationship between two people can come to a point of saturation, in such a situation how can one rebuild love?

According to biological anthropologist Michael Platt, Ph.D., of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, “human beings are wired to connect—and we have the most complicated and intriguing social behaviour of all creatures.” Because we humans can express our feelings and affection for other people in a way that no other organism can, human life is a blessing. Although there are many ways in which human relationships can be imperfect, the mutual attachment and care that exists between two people are what makes them appear perfect. However, over time, a relationship between two people may reach a point of saturation. In this case, how does one rekindle love?

Know And Accept Yourself

In every relationship, we forget to pay attention to and respect our feelings, needs, and body. We start seeing ourselves as our partners do and sometimes don’t love ourselves enough. The more time we spend learning and understanding ourselves, the better we’ll be able to express ourselves in the relationship. We’ll respect our choices as much as we respect that of our partners, making us feel more alive and involved in the relationship. Self-knowledge is the key to success in personal and professional relationships.

Unleash Your Passion

Passion can be interpreted as you prefer—it can be defined as your indulgence in your hobbies, work, or love life. Once you know and understand your passion and unleash it from your inner self, you’ll feel energised as a person and enjoy your life more than ever. You’ll find ways to love yourself and your partner in a better manner and reignite the flames in your romantic relationship. When we get hurt, we let go of the things that make us truly happy. By embracing yourself and unleashing your unapologetic persona of yourself, you can be more devoted in your life.

Release The Grudge

Oftentimes, we hold grudges against our partner, our past, mistakes, and flaws and this holds us back in our life. Why not hold on to the moments that made us happy, the moment we realised that we love our partner, the second we first laid eyes on them instead of holding onto the times we were enraged, unhappy, and not satisfied? Let go of all the past mistakes and low and heartbreaking moments from your relationship and show gratitude towards every brand-new day that you get to spend with your partner and experience a whole new rush in your body. Once you start appreciating what you have and let go of what you don’t, the world will become brighter and more enthralling for your divine self to flourish.

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