‘Let me speak with daughter last time’: Husband calls unfaithful wife and…

In a shocking case from Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad, a young man Pradeep (30), from Rahul Garden Colony in Loni, died by suicide on Friday by hanging himself in his room. Before his death, the young guy made severe claims against his wife in a mobile phone video. He claimed that his wife was having an affair with a boy, and that this was motivating him to commit suicide. The family has filed a complaint against the woman and her in-laws.

Pradeep worked as a driver and lived at Rahul Garden Colony. Jitendra, Pradeep’s brother, stated that his brother was married to a woman from Naipuri Colony about seven years ago and had a one and a half year old daughter. There was a fight, though, over the wife’s suspected involvement with a boy.

She used to converse on the phone even after she married. Both of them have argued about it countless times. The woman’s family used to abuse Pradeep over the phone and once broke into his home and assaulted him. Pradeep used to be very tense about it.

On January 13, the woman returned home with her daughter after a fight. Following this, Pradeep’s family and relatives attempted to contact her in order to bring the woman back, but she refused. Disgusted by this, Pradeep hanged himself on Friday night by hanging a saree to the fan in his residence.

The family members approached Pradeep’s room and began making sounds. When there was no sound from within, family members entered the room. Pradeep’s body was discovered hanging in this location.

The family contacted the police. The cops arrived and began an investigation. ACP Rajneesh Kumar Upadhyay stated that a report has been filed in the incident and that action will be taken soon.

Recorded video before death

Pradeep recorded a video on his younger brother Kishan’s phone before his death. Pradeep’s phone was destroyed, so he borrowed his brother’s phone. Pradeep stated in the video that his brother is not responsible for what he is about to do. Instead, his wife and in-laws are to blame for his death. He requested that his property be given to his brother following his death. He asked not to offer anything to the wife. Pradeep also demanded legal action.

‘Want to talk to my daughter before I die’

Pradeep had contacted his wife just before he died. He wanted to speak with his daughter one last time on the phone. Pradeep informed his wife that he was going to die and that he wanted to speak with their daughter.

During this time, the wife began to beg her husband not to do so. She began cursing on her daughter and brothers, but Pradeep refused and insisted on death. There was around nine minutes of conversation between the two before Pradeep hanged himself.

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