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Ladakh Standoff: Know all about India, US plans to counter China

Sept. 2, 2020, 4:48 p.m.

New Delhi: Not only India is engaged to surround China, but many other countries of the world are also attempting to teach the Chinese a lesson.

A big meeting is going to be held in Delhi in this regard. This will be a meeting in which it will be decided that how many countries of the world will be added to surround China and how this entire plan will be executed.

India has made such a move to encircle the dragon that the situation of China has started deteriorating from now. This time, the plan that India has prepared to surround China is named QUAD. This means that a plan will be made in Delhi to checkmate the dragon. This time, according to the plan made to surround China, a NATO-like organization will be formed to surround China. America, India, Australia and Japan can come together in this organization.

All this is being done only to surround China. This time the United States wants to bring together the Indo-Pacific region’s peers India, Japan and Australia. It is being said that a coalition like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization could be formed to rein in China. It is being told that the United States has moved ahead with the goal that the challenge of China is to join these four countries by joining other countries. US Deputy Foreign Minister Stephen Bigan has informed about these things.

The biggest preparation to counter China

America’s goal is to meet the challenge of China by joining four countries with other countries. The Indo-Pacific region lacks a strong structure. They do not have any strong organization like NATO or European Union. Recall that when NATO was launched there were very minor neglects. Many countries initially chose to remain neutral rather than subscribe to NATO.

All this is happening at a time when China is completely surrounded by India. India’s position is very strong in front of China right now. In such a situation, the days ahead for China can be very serious, although the United States says that an alliance between the four countries will happen only when other countries also like America in this matter.

America wants more countries to be included in the quadrilateral security dialogue countries, which is aimed at maintaining complete peace in the Indo-Pacific region.

Vietnam and South Korea will also be added to QUAD. Preparations are also underway to include New Zealand.

At present, China is surrounded by all sides. The coronavirus pandemic was first spread around the world and now the way China is entangled with many big countries including India, can prove to be very dangerous for China.

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