Ladakh Buddhists angered by Republic Day exclusion, write to PM Modi

Ladakh Buddhists angered by Republic Day exclusion, write to PM Modi

Jammu: Angered by the attitude of the administration towards the residents of Leh district of the Union Territory of Ladakh, the Ladakh Buddhist Association is preparing to write a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apprise him of the situation with a protest to the Lieutenant Governor.

In the situation arising out of not allowing the councilors of Leh Hill Development Council to participate in the Republic Day celebrations in Leh, the Ladakh Buddhist Association has taken on the district administration. 

In the meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the Ladakh Buddhist Association in Leh, it has been decided that in future the Ladakh Buddhist Association, in association with the Leh Council, will organize separate celebrations on Independence Day and Republic Day.

During this meeting held at Chauhkang Vihar in Leh, strong objection was raised to the behavior of the Hill Council people with the councilors on Republic Day. During this, the behavior being done by the Leh district administration along with the councilors was also termed as unfair with the Leh Hill Council.

The organization has alleged that the district administration has hurt the sentiments of the people of Ladakh. In future, any such action of the administration will not be tolerated. In such a situation, after discussing the situation, the members of the organization decided that in the near future, by writing a letter to the Lieutenant Governor, RK Mathur, objecting to the discrimination policies of the administration towards Leh. 

During this, the members of the organization also agreed that a letter should also be written to the Prime Minister soon to bring the issues of Leh district to the notice of the Central Government. During this many other issues were also discussed.

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On the day of Republic Day celebrations, the councilors of Leh Hill Council were stopped by the police from entering the VIP gate to attend the function. After this, the angry councilors came to the ground against the Leh administration. They are demanding a high level inquiry into the matter.

Taking action, the administration has started an investigation into the incident. Now the Buddhist group is alleging that an attempt is being made to cover up the matter by attaching the policemen. Action should be taken against those senior officers who had instructed these policemen that the councilors of Hill Council Hill Council should be stopped at the VIP gate.

first published:Jan. 30, 2022, 8:48 a.m.

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