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LAC Standoff: China in trouble as Chinese PLA soldiers dying of cold in Ladakh

Leh (Ladakh): China, which has been continuously plotting against India, is caught in its own trap this time. 

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers of China, who are trying to show the world their military strength, are dying due to the extreme cold of the Ladakh winter.

The cold in Ladakh is proving deadly for Chinese troops stationed against the Indian Army along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). There is a severe cold in Ladakh at this time, which the PLA soldiers of China are unable to bear.

Even as Ladakh witnesses extreme cold of -35° C the Indian soldiers are standing strong while China has recalled its PLA soldiers in the name of ‘training’.

The Chinese soldier does not have the same training in cold deployment that the Indian Army personnel have. Meanwhile, reports of Chinese soldiers becoming ill and dying are also coming out. However, in some areas, the tents of the Indian and Chinese Army are still just 100 meters away.

Reports are coming that in view of the bitter winter, China has withdrawn more than 10,000 PLA soldiers from the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. The Chinese government has taken this decision due to the growing cold in Ladakh. In the same winter of Ladakh, Indian soldiers are standing strong. It is being said that the Indian Army has not removed its soldiers from Ladakh.

Significantly, there is a situation of confrontation between the two countries on LAC from April-May. After which the armies of the two countries are sitting opposite each other. However, China has not withdrawn its troops from the frontline. 

China has not even removed its weapons from there. Those who are seeing that after the winter subsides, the Chinese army can be called once again. It may be that they can deploy these soldiers again after winters are low. On the other hand, the Indian Army is keeping a close watch on this entire change and situation.

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