‘Kya hua ter vaada’ Wife does THIS after just 15 days of marriage, husband’s skeleton found in…

Lucknow: A startling case has emerged from the Uttar Pradesh district of Bareilly. After visiting her in-laws for the second time with her lover, a recently married woman punished her husband in such a way that his skeleton was discovered after a month. Upon learning of the situation, the Bareilly police detained the alleged newlywed, her lover, and two accomplices and imprisoned them.

Sonu went missing on November 25th

Sonu, a native of Bareilly’s Jogi Nawada region, married Chandni, a resident of Samrat Ashok Nagar, in November of this year, according to sources. When her husband Sonu went missing on November 25th, Chandni came to her in-laws’ residence for the second time after marriage. His relatives filed a missing persons report. After extensive inquiry, the police discovered Sonu’s body from a river in Bareilly.

Planned to murder Sonu after marriage

According to Bareilly police, Sonu’s wife Chandni had an affair with a young man named Arvind before to their marriage. Arvind is also a relative of her. It is said that Chandni and Arvind planned to murder Sonu once they married. Chandni told Sonu on November 25th that she wanted to hold a party for her cousins and sisters. On this day, Chandni and Sonu arrived in the area’s Suresh Sharma Nagar, where they partied with Arvind.

Accused took Sonu in car after sending Chandni home

Chandni then proceeded to her home as planned. Arvind intervened by telling Sonu to go somewhere. Then two of the accused arrived in a car. Sonu accompanied them in the car. Sonu is said to have been killed in the automobile by all of them. The body of Sonu was then chained to a stone and thrown into a river.

Sonu’s family, on the other hand, filed a missing person’s report. Chandni’s lover was arrested first, followed by her friend.

Sonu’s body discovered from river

The Bareilly police have now arrested Chandni and the car driver and taken them to jail, thoroughly divulging the situation. Sonu’s body was discovered in skeletal state, according to station in-charge Abhishek Singh.

‘The body has been taken to the lab for analysis because the method of murder has yet to be determined. A case has been filed against all of the suspects for kidnapping and murder.

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