KTM introduces new bikes, launch expected in for 2023

New Delhi: KTM has announced the arrival of new bikes on its social media handles (2023 125 Duke,390 Duke and 790 Duke) in time for the 2023 launch season. While the bikes are mostly under wraps, the silhouettes help us decipher that a new small-capacity model is in the works for the Duke and RC ranges. Here are a few possibilities of what KTM could be teasing.

Considering how all the silhouettes in this trailer look extremely similar to the current KTM models, there is a possibility that KTM could give these models new color schemes for the 2023 model year. However, if the company is planning more comprehensive updates, they could be as follows:

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New small-capacity KTM RC and Duke debut

KTM introduced a new lower displacement model each for the RC and Duke lineups. The small-displacement RC could be one of two things – either KTM is launching the GP Edition RC globally, which recently debuted in India, or it could be the RC 250, which would complete the trifecta of the 250cc mill that spawns the Duke. Adventure and RC models.

As for the Duke, it looks like it will be either a 250 or 390 Duke as it has a side muffler. Again, they could get new color options or perhaps more intense updates. If there are mechanical updates here, expect them to be on the milder side as the arrival of the all-new next-gen KTM Dukes we recently tested in India is imminent.

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Two new models based on the 790/890 platform

KTM also highlighted the arrival of two new middleweight naked bikes based on the 790/890 Duke platform. Reviving the 790 Duke alongside the 890 Duke was a bit of a surprise move from KTM and it will be interesting to see what the next step is for this line-up.

Of these four new bikes, only the small capacity models are likely to make it here.

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