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Know how farmers’ protest spread coronavirus pandemic in Punjab, Haryana villages

Hisar (Haryana): There are about 60 lakh families in Haryana. Of these, 40 lakh families live in villages. 

When the impact of the coronavirus pandemic came to light last year, a lot of people who had settled in the cities had taken advantage of the pure climate by returning to their villages.

All such people who had settled in the cities due to employment, job or occupation, had also returned to their villages. The thinking was that the effect of coronavirus is more in the cities. Therefore, there will be good food, there will be pure air and water, and all kinds of pollution and diseases will also be avoided.

But this time the coronavirus pandemic has caused exactly the opposite effect. This time coronavirus has had the most impact in the villages. 

People are not getting proper treatment. The government wants to give them treatment, but they do not want to take it. There are also some people, who are reluctant to conduct testing. There is a fear that the coronavirus may come up in the report. 

The government has taken seriously the impact of the coronavirus pandemic spreading in the villages. Approximately eight thousand teams have been formed and each has been entrusted with the responsibility of knocking on the doorstep of 500 families. All kinds of tests, medicines and proper treatment are being arranged along with monitoring of the affected people.

A survey by the government says that the long-running dharna at the Tikri and Singhu borders between Delhi and Haryana has become a major reason for the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in the surrounding states including Haryana, Punjab and Delhi. 

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Tikri and Singhu Border are areas where people from Punjab have been reaching through different districts of Haryana for dharna here. People of at least one dozen districts of Haryana have also been in constant movement at these picketing sites. These include Rohtak, Bhiwani, Karnal, Hisar, Jhajjar, Panipat, Jind, Gurugram, Faridabad and Rewari districts.

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