Kitchen Hacks: Use These Simple Tips To Stop Milk From Boiling Over

Kitchen Hacks: Use These Simple Tips To Stop Milk From Boiling Over

Milk Boil Tips: Boiling milk is not as easy as it seems. Standing in the kitchen and watching the milk boil in the summer or winter season is no fun activity. If you are boiling milk on a high flame of gas, then you have to watch the milk continuously. As if the attention is away the milk may spill out of the pot within a second.

While boiling milk, some people complain that the milk sticks to the pan or pot. Many times people keep the milk on the gas to boil and forget about it. They are reminded of the boiling milk only when the milk spills out of the pan and is burnt.

Here are a few useful tips so that your milk will not spill or stick to the bottom of the pan. With the help of these tricks, you can boil milk without worry and work simultaneously. Know the tips.

Follow these tips while boiling milk

1- Wet the bottom of the pan or pot in which you are going to boil milk. Put half a cup of water in the pan. Thus, milk will not stick to the bottom of the pan.
2- When you want to boil the milk, put a spoon in the pan so that the milk will not spill and come out.
3- Whenever you heat the milk, put a wooden spoon or spatula in the milkpan. Due to the wooden spoon, the milk will not spill out.
4- You can add half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate while boiling milk. Due to sodium bicarbonate, the milk does not get spoilt even when not refrigerated.
5- Another good way to prevent milk from spilling is to apply butter on the sides of the vessel in which you boil milk. 

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