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Kerala: High court admits plea to protect wild animals from attacks

Sept. 15, 2020, 7:36 p.m.

New Delhi: On Thursday, The Kerala High Court issued notice to the center and state government on public interest litigation seeking a directive to the state government to take measures, including the establishment of the water trough and check dams inside the forest, to prevent wild animals straying into human habitations.

Gaurav Tewari, who had filed the petition in the backdrop of the recent incident in which a pregnant elephant had died in the state after it reportedly consumed food stuffed with crackers, said that many wild animals were victims of brutal attacks by the human. It was during summer that these animals strayed into human habitations. One of main reasons for such straying was to quench their thirst.

While straying into these areas, it was natural that they might stumble upon cultivated areas. In fact, this was taking place in many states. Most of the state governments had taken measures to keep these wild animals confined to the forest.

Steps were only taken in Kerala when a pachyderm attacked people. It was the bounden duty of the state government to taken effective measures to safeguard the wildlife of the country.

The petitioner Gaurav Tewari pointed out that putting electric fencing was a barbaric act. Besides the use of snares toward the reason behind the frequent straying of wild animals into human habitations. The Forest and Environment Department officials should plant food-bearing trees and revive water bodies and elephant corridors to ensure adequate water for the wild animals

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