Karnataka professor calls Muslim student ‘Kasab,’ | Watch disciple’s severe refute

Image Source : TWITTER/@ASHOSWAI ‘Being a Muslim and facing this every day is not funny,’ says the Muslim student after being called by Ajmal Kasab’s name inside the classroom.

Karnataka: An engineering college professor was ‘debarred from classes’ and a probe was ordered against him by the college authorities two days after he allegedly addressed one of his students, a Muslim, as ‘Kasab’ in the classroom. The controversy surrounding the matter broke out after a 45-second video, showing the student calling out the professor over being called a terrorist, went viral on social media.

The issue occurred in the Manipal Institute of Technology in Manipal on November 26, the anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. “The concerned staff has been debarred from classes till the inquiry is over. We would like everybody to know that the institute does not condone this kind of behaviour and this isolated incident will be dealt with in accordance with the laid down policy,” the Manipal Institute of Technology said on Monday.

“Being a Muslim and facing this every day is not funny,” the student can be heard saying angrily in the video. Even as the contrite professor tried to apologise and mollify the student by saying he is like his son, the student refused to relent saying it wasn’t funny.

“Will you talk like that to your son? Will you call him a terrorist? How can you call me like that in front of so many people? This is a class, you’re professional, and you are teaching. You can’t call me that,” said the student responding to the professor’s comments.

Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani terrorist captured during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks of 2008. He was later hanged to death by the Indian authorities.

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