Karnataka closes 13 Kerala entry points as Covid-19 cases rise

Bengaluru: The Karnataka authorities have decided to close a total of 13 entry points located in Wayanad and Kasaragod districts due to an increase in the Covid-19 cases in neighbouring Kerala.

The Karnataka government is emphasizing on negative RT-PCR results before the tourists enter. Kerala did not agree on the decision taken by Karnataka and called it an ‘unwanted move’ while on the other hand Karnataka called it a ‘necessary one’.

It has been a jerk for the people residing on the borders of Kerala as the open borders were helpful for people to move freely for fulfilling various daily needs. Moreover, students and farmers also move from Kerala to Karnataka on a daily basis, either to indulge in activities related to the lands they own or have taken it on lease.

Moreover, the Covid-19 test results should not be more than 15 days old, the sources said.

Senior opposition leader NA Nellikunnu said that the Karnataka authorities have taken unwarranted action. Currently, there are around 58000 active cases for Covid-19 in Kerala.

“We are given to understand that their authorities are now insisting on the RT-PCR test results from all those travelling from Kerala and entering Karnataka. I fail to understand the logic, while people in Kerala strictly follow COVID-19 protocols and wear masks, no such thing is happening in Karnataka and yet they do this unlawful act. We expect immediate intervention of the Kerala government,” said Nellikunnu.

“We have no clue on this sudden decision to close the borders and the insistence on RT-PCR tests. This is going to create untold miseries for all those who used to freely cross the borders for various needs,” said angry Wayanad residents, who were unable to move freely.

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Kerala BJP State President Surendran said that the action taken by the Karnataka authorities must be an act to prevent the spread of Covid-19 cases as the cases are already increasing in Kerala. Meanwhile, Congress and IUML are protesting at the borders.

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