July 4 isn’t just US independence day, it’s also day Presidents kick the bucket. Yes, you read that right


(L-R): John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe, who all died on Independence Day.

The Fourth of July is one of the most celebrated holidays in the US. It is a day that animals are the most scared of due to the fireworks and also a day that consumed three American Presidents.

July 4, as the world knows, is the day that independence was declared. The US states were finally free from Britain. But there also is a strange connection to the holiday. Three Presidents died on the day, and conspiracists believe that this fact is more than just a coincidence.

Two of the Presidents – John Adams and Thomas Jeffersons – passed just five hours apart in 1826. The third one, James Monroe, passed away exactly five years later.

The stranger thing is – all three of these Presidents were founding fathers. They served as the second, third and fifth U.S. presidents. Even the fourth President, James Madison, died on June 28, 1836. Just six days ahead of the Fourth of July.

The first one to die – Thomas Jefferson, was 83 when he passed away. He was ailing for a long time and had caught a fever a day ahead of his death in Virginia.

John Adams died just five hours after him in Massachusetts. He was 90 and was already on his death bed. It was the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

James Monroe died of tuberculosis just five years later. He was 73. Even though the timing of the demises could be brushed off as a coincidence, the tradition still scares many. The parallel lives, and the concept of two people living and dying the same way, could be much more prevailing than ‘just a coincidence’.

Kennedy, Lincoln – the mysterious parallel lives

Just like July 4th is the day that three founding fathers died, there is also an eerie theory of parallel life that shows creepy similarities between two of America’s beloved Presidents – John F Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.

The similarities in their lives could be much less than a coincidence, or an unfortunate similarity.

Both the Presidents, centuries apart, became Presidents in the 60s. Both lost sons while living in the White House. Both were shot in the head on a Friday, while their wives were present. More enough, both the murders involved theatres. Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre, Washington, D.C., and Kennedy’s murder was caught in Texas Theatre in Dallas.

So, what is it with the conspiracies around the US Presidents? We might never know.

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