Jankee Parekh shares her beautiful birth story of having Cesarean surgery, reveals many facts

New Delhi: Jankee Parekh, the wife of ‘Ishqbaaz’ fame actor Nakuul Mehta, has given birth to their son on 3 February 2021. Jankee has had quite a journey from her pregnancy to after the birth of Sufi. She has shared many posts since the birth of her son and treated her fans with adorable pictures of herself with Sufi and Nakuul. Jankee’s son had a small operation as well, and Jankee shared the whole story with her fans. Recently, she has shared her pictures from the operation theatre while and after her Cesarean surgery. 

Jankee has shared some pictures from the operation theatre on her official Instagram account. In the first picture, Jankee can be seen with her husband Nakuul and baby boy Sufi. The second photo is a screenshot of their video call, in which the parents of both Jankee and Nakuul can be seen. Also, the third photo is of Jankee’s cesarean delivery, here, Nakuul can be seen holding his wife’s hand. Sharing these photos, Janaki has shared her beautiful birth story.

Taking these pictures to her Instagram, Jankee wrote, ‘I often wonder how would it be if I was to have a normal delivery. Yes, I would have had to go through hours of labor pain before giving birth and also a quicker recovery as I am told by many of my friends and family members, but would it be any more joyful and fulfilling? Like many mothers, I delivered my son Sufi through a Cesarean birth on the 3rd of February 2021.’

She further added, ‘I may not have experienced labor pain & contractions of normal delivery but having my partner by my side holding my hand, him witnessing my abdomen being cut open & a new life being pulled out of it, to him cutting my umbilical cord were all things that I got to experience first hand through his eyes. This shared experience for us was so beautiful and joyful that I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I was so fortunate to have had the best set of hands taking care of me right from my gynecologist Dr. Drupti Dedhia, to my anesthetist & all the nurses at Surya Hospital. But more than anything else, just to be able to experience the birth of Sufi alongside Nakuul, has truly been the most fulfilling moment in our journey together as a couple & also the most exhilarating 15 mins of our lives.’

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Sharing her experience of Nakkul being by her side, she wrote, ‘I am aware that partners right now may not be permitted to be beside their wives in the OT because of covid protocols and we are eternally grateful to Surya hospital & Dr. Avasthi to have allowed us that opportunity. Soon after Sufi was out and whilst we were still soaking at the moment, we completely forgot to share the news with the most important people in our lives which is both sets of parents. Since we couldn’t decide who to call first, Nakuul came to me with the idea of doing a conference video call to both Naani and Daadi. I am so glad we have this screenshot for posterity to show to Sufi when he grows up. To all the mommies & daddies reading this, I would love to hear your birth stories.’

After dating for 9 years the couple Nakuul and Jankee got married in 2012. This couple has always sent out major couple goals and will definitely be slaying at this new journey of their lives too. 

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