Jammu and Kashmir: Indian govt to boost security after Taliban occupies Afghanistan

Jammu and Kashmir: Indian govt to boost security after Taliban occupies Afghanistan

New Delhi: The threat of a boost to Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir has increased after the Taliban captured Kabul, toppled the Afghan government and reclaimed power in Afghanistan. 

The Indian government, which has broken the backbone of terrorists and their mentors in the state, is engaged in boosting the security system so that the enemies of India cannot raise their heads in Jammu and Kashmir again. 

As part of these efforts, a long meeting was held between Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Manoj Sinha. Several senior officials were also present in this meeting. The meeting discussed in detail how to strengthen the security apparatus in Jammu and Kashmir as well as speed up development plans and curb radical forces.

Terrorist activities expected to increase in Jammu and Kashmir 

However, a senior official involved in the case said that the arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan is not expected to affect the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir at the moment, but preparations for the future are needed in advance. According to him, there has never been any intervention of Taliban or Afghan terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir. 

However, after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, increased audacity of terrorist masterminds across the border and their supporters in the Kashmir Valley cannot be ruled out.

The emphasis will be on preventing the re-emergence of the terrorist ecosystem that has collapsed in the last two years

The Taliban is a puppet of the Pakistani army and its intelligence agency ISI. With its help, Pakistan can try to fan the flames of terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir. 

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For this, the security agencies and the local police system have been asked to be extremely vigilant and ensure immediate exchange of intelligence information and action on it. Security agencies have also been asked to keep a close eye on cross-border movements.

Emphasis on accelerating development schemes

No clear information has been given about the meeting between Amit Shah and Sinha, but it is said that the meeting discussed in detail on speeding up the development plans of Jammu and Kashmir. The government believes that with the help of development schemes, the youth can be saved from Pakistan’s propaganda. 

Panchayat and local body, BDC and DDC elections have ensured the participation of common people in the development process and its positive impact is also being seen.

Jammu and Kashmir situation changed after Article 370 removal

In the two years since the repeal of Article 370, the ecosystem of terror has collapsed with action against those involved in terrorist funding, those working for terrorists and their supporters. Now concrete information about terrorist activities is being received from the grassroots level, as a result of which a large number of terrorists are being killed.

A senior official said that if the militants were able to stop re-rooting, they would be able to significantly reduce the impact on Kashmir after the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. The entire focus of the government will be on this.

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