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Israel-Palestine conflict: An open wound for century, left to fester, Here is everything you want to know about

New Delhi: Latest conflict between Israel and Palestine, again created a war like situation in the Middle East. Violence in East Jerusalem started during the last week of Ramadan, led to many Palestinians getting injured at Al Aqsa Mosque. The attack on Palestinians began on the Jerusalem day.

While many worshippers gathered in the Jerusalem old city, Israeli forces blocked the roads that led to Al Aqsa, this threatened the freedom of religion for the Palestinian worshippers.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry gave a statement declaring the cause of the violence is, “direct result of incitement by Palestinian terror groups”. It further posted images showing stone purportedly collected inside the mosque, directing that people had planned to hamper the processions.

The conflict of streets resulted to a fierce air attacks between Hamas (an extremist group of Palestine) and Israel army. At least 10 top commanders of the ‘Hamas’ have been killed in Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, toppling a pair of high-rise towers housing Hamas facilities.

According to Health Minister of Palestine 67 people died in Israeli airstrikes, including 14 children and three women and more than 300 people have been wounded, including 86 children and 39 women.

But the Islamic group showed no signs of backing down and fired hundreds of rockets at Israeli cities, killing Six people and dozens bounded.

Open Wound For Century

Jerusalem has experienced its worst unrest in years, with hundreds of palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli police. But it may be underlined that this clash is not of years or decades old. Actually Jews and Arabs have been struggled to acquisition of the land between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea, for more than a century.

Since 1948, Israel established, conflict between the two sides became worst. Jewish families claim they lost land in Sheikh Jarrah during a war that accompanied Israel’s creation in 1948, a conflict in which hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were also displaced.

Two decades later, Israel captured East Jerusalem from Jordanian forces in the 1967 war and later annexed it. Under Israeli law, Jews who can prove pre-1948 title can claim back their Jerusalem properties. No similar law exists for Palestinians who lost homes in West Jerusalem.

In Brief

Present-day Israel was a part of Turkey before the First World War, named ‘Ottoman Empire’. In the First World War, Turkey was against of the Allied forces, resulted direct rivalry between Turkish and Baratania governments. Britishers won the war and the Ottoman Empire came to an end.

This was the time when spirit of Zionism (an ideology and nationalist movement) was at its peak among the Jews who wanted to create an independent Jewish state. So the Jews from all over the world started coming to Palestine. Britain openly supported rehabilitation of the Jews and ensured them for helping to make Palestine as separate homeland of the Jews.

But in the second world war Britain lost the both, battle and power, and could not sustain its help to the Jews. Other countries pressurized Britain to rehabilitate the Jews, but it isolated itself from the issue, so that the matter went to the newly formed United Nations in 1945.

The UN divided Palestine into two halves on November 29, 1947. The first part became the Arab state and the second became Israel and Jerusalem was placed under the control of UN. But Arab countries refused to accept the decision.

After a year, Israel declared itself an independent country, which recognized by America. Arab countries attacked Israel to get sovereignty of Palestine. But with America’s support, Israel gave a tough fight to Arab countries in every battle.

Why Jerusalem is important for both, Israel and Palestine

Jerusalem has always been the centre of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, with its holy sites revered by Jews and Muslims. The Old City’s Western Wall forms part of the holiest site in Judaism – the Temple Mount. It is equally part of the al-Haram al-Sharif, or the Noble Sanctuary, with the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque – the third holiest site in Islam – above it.

Similarly, for Christians, Jerusalem is one of the most sacred places, because of ‘The Church of the Holy Sepulchre’. It is believed that Jesus was crucified and then resurrected here only.

Israel captured the eastern part of Jerusalem in the 1967 war. Since then Israel continues to consider Jerusalem as its capital. But it has not been recognized by international forum so far. Nor there is any embassy of any country. So Tel Aviv is considered as the political capital of Israel.

Similarly, Palestinians also want to keep Jerusalem as their capital as soon they became an independent country, demanding Israel to return back Westbank and the Gaza Strip with liberating East Jerusalem.

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