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IPL 2020 | ‘Certainly do not encourage it’: Kane Williamson against Mankading

Image Source : IPLT20.COM

Kane Williamson has cleared his stance on the ‘Mankad’ mode of dismissal, saying that he doesn’t encourage it.

As the new season of the Indian Premier League draws closer, the conversation around Mankading have significantly increased. Ever since Ravichandran Ashwin ran Jos Buttler out in the group game of IPL 2019, the mode of dismissal has remained in focus among cricketers, fans and experts alike.

Ahead of the 2020 season, Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting said that he does not support Mankading. With Ashwin joining the Capitals this season, the statement made headlines and the off-spinner publically confirmed that he has had conversations with Ponting over the same.

Now, Kane Williamson has joined the conversation surrounding the controversial mode of dismissal. In an interview, he said that he does not encourage ‘Mankad’.

“No, I certainly do not encourage it. That is not something that we look to do at all as a team,” Williamson told ‘The Week’. 

“As I said, we have behaviors that are important to us as a group, and something like that does not fit with us, so that is my stance. However, if someone is looking to cheat, I think it would be worth having a quiet word with him and make sure the rules and spirit of the game are upheld. As ambassadors of the game, I think it is really important to stay within those lines.”

Mankading remains a controversial form of dismissal and justifiably has opinions on both, its favour and criticism.

The 2020 edition of the tournament begins on September 19, and Williamson, like all the other players, is living in the bio-secure bubble. He opened up on his experience of living in the bubble and playing in the UAE.

“It will be a challenge. It is important for players to get out of their rooms and socialize. In India, there are whole traveling days. Here, it is about one-and-a-half hours by road. It will be important to come up with activities and options for players to get enjoyment on off days and to keep them fresh. It is a long time to be isolated,” said Williamson.

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