IOC decides alternate players will be included in some sports

Tokyo: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has made a big decision regarding the Tokyo Olympics, the grand tournament of the Games starting on July 23 in Japan, under which alternate players will be included in some sports to meet the challenges arising due to the Corona epidemic.

In order to be part of the Olympics, players have to qualify through the qualifiers, although the team qualification allows only a certain number of players to be brought along.

However, this time in view of the corona virus, the IOC has allowed some alternate players to accompany some sports in which teams participate. The IOC took this decision after meeting with the International Sports Federation, under which this relaxation has been given to bring flexibility in team selection.

The IOC has given information about this in a press release on Saturday. It is noteworthy that earlier teams could use replacement players in every other match in sports such as football, handball, hockey, rugby and water polo, but after this decision, teams could use replacement players in every match.

In its statement, the IOC said, “This decision does not mean that the number of players coming to Japan is being increased, it is intended to provide more options for selection within the current team.”

The IOC has taken this decision in view of the situation arising due to the Corona epidemic during the Tokyo Olympic 2020 Games and to increase the flexibility of selection within the team. According to the IOC, this time 11090 players will compete to win 339 medals in the Maha Kumbh of the Games, in which 18 events are also included in the category of mixed and open.

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