IOA treasurer Anandeshwar Pandey trapped in sexual abuse row

New Delhi: A big controversy related to Indian Olympic Association (IOA) treasurer Anandeshwar Pandey has come to light. A case of sexual assault with a female driver has come to light against Anandeshwar Pandey, who has been accused of rape. This is another case related to the Birmingham Games on Pandey.

A female driver has accused him of sexual abuse at the Commonwealth Games. In fact, Ashwin Lokhare, head of Birmingham Sports Family Services, sent a letter to IOA acting president Anil Khanna on August 5.

In this letter, Anil Lokhare has claimed that Pandey tried to put his hand in the T-shirt of a volunteer female driver. After these allegations came to the fore, action has been taken against Anandeshwar Pandey. His transport privilege (T2) has been revoked.

Lokhare said in his letter – Due to inappropriate behavior of Anandeshwar Pandey, the volunteer driver associated with these games felt uncomfortable. Birmingham 2022 have decided to revoke their transport privilege for the remaining Games. However, Pandey has claimed that he is completely innocent.

Efforts are being made to implicate him in many cases. Talking to news agency PTI, Pandey said- If I had done something serious, then my accreditation issued for these games would have been canceled but it did not happen.

Before Anandeshwar, a player has lodged an FIR. It is alleged that Anandeshwar Pandey had made a condition of having physical relations for two years to make him a player of national level to international level. He was also tried for rape during a special training camp held at KD Singh Babu Stadium in Lucknow.

Who is Anandeshwar Pandey?

Anandeshwar Pandey himself has also been a player. Before becoming a sports administrator, he was a national level handball player. He represented UP in the 1977-78 National Championship. Apart from this, he has also been a long distance national athlete. However, his career as a player did not last long.

Then he became a sports administrator. He has organized national and international competitions of wrestling, hockey, football, athletics in association with state sports associations at the state level.

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