International Yoga Day 2021: Easy yoga asanas for the mental and physical growth of your child

New Delhi: Good diet and exercise is not the formula to only keep adults healthy, this is equally important for children as well and has become even more important in the Corona era. Doing yoga has a favorable effect on physical and mental health. Simultaneously, spiritual consciousness is awakened in the body. For this, definitely include yoga in your daily schedule. According to experts, the mental health of children has been adversely affected by the Corona epidemic as children are forced to remain locked in their houses. This is not only affecting their studies but also hindering their mental development. Yoga can play an important role in the proper development of children in difficult circumstances. 

Following are the asanas which are very beneficial for your little buddies to build up physical as well as mental health:

1. Tree Pose

– Helps to focus.

– Lower back and back pain.

– Makes the spine flexible.

2. Virabhadrasana- 2

– Strengthens the muscles of arms, legs, and thighs.

– Makes the knees and hip joints flexible.

– Reduces stiffness of shoulders and neck.

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3. Triangle Pose

– Relieves neck and back pain.

– Along with making the leg and hip muscles flexible, it also tones them.

– Removes stiffness of the body.

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4. Bhujangasana

– Makes the spine strong and flexible.

– Keeps body and mind healthy.

– Increases immunity.

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If your child feels a lot of pain while doing any asana, then stop it instantly. If there are times when the problem of dizziness occurs in the back bending postures, then let the child sit and relax for some time. Back bending postures, of course, makes the spine flexible, but if the child complains of pain in the waist for a long time, then stop it there and let him rest for some time by lying on the back. Before starting the asana, do light stretching exercises. Cooling down exercises are necessary even after the asana is over. Children can be given some water if they feel very tired.

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