Innovation: Gujarat’s students did wonders, creates bike that run on both petrol and electric

New Delhi: At a time when the country’s oil prices are skyrocketing, a group of college students in Gujarat attempted to convert a petrol-powered motorcycle to an electric one. They claim that the motorcycle can be powered by both gasoline and electricity.

The motorcycle has been outfitted with a hybrid mode, which includes a battery to power the engine. A switch separates the powertrain, allowing the rider to choose whether to run the motorcycle on gasoline or electricity. A fully charged battery, according to the students behind this project, can help the motorcycle last up to 40km.

Behind this are the students of VVP Engineering College, Rajkot. All of them are in their seventh semester.

According to news agency ANI, Dr. Maniyar, Dean of the Department of Mechanical at VVP Engineering College, “The primary reason for its creation is that fuel prices are skyrocketing. There are numerous issues with e-vehicles, such as high prices and slow charging speeds. So we devised a vehicle that could run on both.”

“The students have attached four different batteries,” Dean explained. It takes six hours to fully charge the battery. A fully charged battery can travel 40km  per hour on a single unit of electricity for 17 paisa. Maximum speed is 40km per hour.

The rider of this hybrid bike will have the option of using it to drive the bike on battery or on gasoline, for which two separate switches have been provided.

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