Influencer’s Diet Vlog On Father’s ‘Shraadh’ Goes Viral, Netizens React

No matter who you lose, the loss of a person is always devastating. So it’s no surprise that a recent clip of a girl’s diet vlog on her father’s ‘shraadh’ enraged the internet. The video, which was originally published on YouTube, has now gone viral across several social media sites.

It was also shared on Twitter by someone who said they were traumatised after watching the video.

Rowhi Rai, the girl, went on to tell her followers that her family repeats the ritual every year. She also indicated that she can only eat one salty and oily meal that day, but she can eat something sweet.

Her breakfast was oatmeal with dry fruits, lunch was “methi paratha” with “aloo ki sabzi,” and she even ordered a pink lemonade. View the video here:

Shooting a vlog on a day dedicated to honouring one’s ancestors and deceased parents felt callous to social media users. They were enraged when the girl went on to not just rate but also complain about the food she was eating. “I had my hand on my mouth the ENTIRE TIME,” one Twitter user commented.

“Please somebody tell these young girls that not everything is content. And no, this also isn’t acceptable, and being bold enough to talk about it. Do kids watch this content for real? What in the world!” according to another reply on the viral video.

In another case of ‘insensitive content,’ an Instagram influencer was chastised for darkening her complexion and behaving as a roadside seller in Instagram photographs. The influencer also released a video of herself donning makeup to considerably darken her skin, wearing sarees, and handing out roses on the street.

Many social media users stated that one’s class identification is not an aesthetic and that one should not exploit people’s economic circumstances to gain views.

As per Hindu beliefs, Shraadh is any act performed with complete sincerity and faith in it. It is a Hindu rite in which one pays tribute to one’s ancestors (Sanskrit: Pits), particularly one’s dead parents.

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