Influencer caught making video, Fined Rs 17k by Ghaziabad police

Viral Video: The development of content is now a common profession for many young people. They frequently attempt to produce material, such as viral videos, to position themselves as social media influencers. An Instagram influencer girl who posted one of these videos has run into some problems. On social media, people frequently come up with creative methods to draw viewers’ attention, and the influencer did the same thing. She pulled down in front of a busy elevated expressway in the Ghaziabad area of Uttar Pradesh so she could pose for reel footage.

Vaishali Chaudhary Khutail, an Instagram influencer, was spotted filming a video reel on an elevated motorway in Ghaziabad’s Sahibabad neighbourhood. Vaishali uploaded her video to Instagram, where it quickly became viral. Numerous users of social media criticised the influencer’s action, and the Uttar Pradesh police also learned of it. The UP police even made a film about the incident and stated that the culprit had been punished. The Instagram star was fined Rs 17,000 by the traffic police for upsetting the peace on a busy roadway.

Influencer clarification

The video has gained a lot of attention, and many mainstream media outlets have even highlighted it. Following the incident, the influencer came out and said on her page that she would be going live on Monday to address her followers’ questions. On Instagram, Vaishali has more than 653k followers. She even adds in her account that she has received several messages related to the incident, which is why she feels the need to speak out and provide clarification.

This issue is not the first of its kind that we have encountered. According to reports, people have been seen performing stunts on public property to gain attention and increase their social media following. Any form of stunt on a public road is forbidden and may result in jail time. In this instance, the influencer danced in front of the stopped automobile on a congested elevated motorway. On such roadways, people typically drive quickly, and it is evident from the video that there was nowhere to park the automobile.

In the furthest left lane, she came to a stop. It is highly risky because an accident could have easily resulted from it. A highway curve can be seen in the background of the car on the video. The vehicle approaching from behind could veer off course or perhaps collide with the Maruti Swift that the influencer was using to make a video. It is always advised to obtain authorization in advance from the relevant authorities to avoid such events or else look for a road that has been blocked. Thankfully, there were no such events in this case, but it did cause difficulty to other road users, which is likely why the police initiated action against her.

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