Indian Railways decides to adopt paperless working mode under special campaign

Image Source : PTI Indian Railways decides to adopt paperless working mode under special campaign

Indian Railways: Following a notice issued by the Railway Ministry, the Government of India recently began a special campaign to make Indian Railways 100% paperless in an effort to decrease paper waste.

The Ministry of Railways made the decision to launch a special initiative called campaign 2.0 in response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of emphasising cleanliness everywhere, lowering the pendency of public complaints, and enhancing workplace culture.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Railways, the programme was so successful that a follow-up, dubbed “Special Campaign 2.0,” was launched in September with a wider scope and goals to further promote cleanliness and good governance in all areas of work across the nation.

The Ministry of Railways had established a considerably wider scope for itself in all aspects of its operation in accordance with Special Campaign 2.0’s guiding principles, keeping in mind the Indian Railway’s presence throughout the entire nation.

The Cleanliness Campaign, which focused on the mechanized cleaning of stations, cleanliness of trains, and collecting & safe disposal of plastic and other debris, took up all 7,337 stations, which is a monumental task in itself. The Prime Minister also commended Bangalore Railway Station for one such endeavour.

A number of awareness initiatives, such as “NukkadNatak” (street shows), were held throughout the Railways as part of Special Campaign 2.0. According to reports, these initiatives were not only effective but also left a lasting impression and were highly received by all.

The development of IT applications for the online processing and disposal of VIP(MP/MLA) References and Parliamentary References, such as those made during Zero Hour and under Section 377 in Parliament by MPs, is one of the additional initiatives that have been undertaken during this campaign.

The Ministry of Railways has also made the decision to completely eliminate paper-based operations starting on November 1. All business processes will be digitalized, and work will be filed electronically using the Railway Board Office’s e-office system.

Notably, from November 1, The Indian Railways will adopt the Railway Board Office’s file work using E-Office System.

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