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India will become global changer by increasing vaccine production, US ready to help: Joe Biden

Washington: US President Joe Biden has said that if India increases the production of Covid-19 vaccine, then it can play the role of a global game changer.

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said that US President Joe Biden has said that this is very important for India as well because the country has been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“There is no one left in India who has not been affected by this pandemic. That is why we want India to increase the production of the vaccine,” Ned Price said.

“President Joe Biden said in one of his statements that he mentions this in every address,” he added.

According to the spokesperson, US President Joe Biden has said that India has the capacity to increase the capacity of vaccine production and become a global game changer. During this statement, he also mentioned the things that were said in the Quad meeting. 

Significantly, in the meeting of the Quad, other member countries including the US were unanimous that India should accelerate the production of the vaccine. In this meeting, there was even talk of financial help to India to increase the capacity of vaccine production.

Australia, India, Japan and America participated in this meeting. In this it was also decided that all countries will help India to increase the capacity of vaccine production. For this, America had also talked about supporting India with an amount of $500 million for a long time. Apart from this, in addition to this help in this meeting, it was also said to give an additional amount of 100 million dollars.

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According to Ned Price, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that the private sector, including the US government, is also ready to support India in this and is ready to help with a financial package of $500 million according to India’s need.

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