India TV ‘Voice of the Nation’ opinion poll predicts landslide win for Modi if LS polls are held now

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India TV ‘Voice of the Nation’ opinion poll: Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) can register a landslide win on 362 LS seats out of a total of 543, if Lok Sabha elections are held now, a nationwide opinion poll by India TV-Matrize News Communication says.

The results of the survey titled ‘Desh Ki Awaaz’ (Voice of the Nation) were telecast on India’s No. 1 news channel India TV today (Friday July 29) from 4 pm onwards.

According to the survey, Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is projected to win only 97 LS seats if general elections are held now, with ‘Others’ including small, regional parties and independents projected to win 84 seats.India Tv - The India TV-Matrize Opinion Poll ‘Desh Ki Awaaz’ was conducted from July 11 to 24

Image Source : INDIA TVThe India TV-Matrize Opinion Poll ‘Desh Ki Awaaz’ was conducted from July 11 to 24

The survey says, NDA is projected to get 41 per cent votes, UPA may get 28 per cent and ‘Others’ 31 per cent votes, if elections are held now.

The state-wise break-up given in the survey makes an interesting reading.

In the most populous state Uttar Pradesh, NDA may win a whopping 76 out of 80 LS seats, with UPA and others projected to win only two seats each. In Bihar, NDA may win 35 out of a total of 40 seats, and the UPA may win five seats.

In Maharashtra, NDA may win 37 out of a total 48 LS seats, while non-BJP opposition may win the remaining 11 seats.

The ruling DMK-led UPA in Tamil Nadu is projected to win 38 out of a total of 39 seats, leaving the lone remaining seat to NDA. In LDF-ruled Kerala, the non-BJP opposition can sweep all the 20 LS seats in the state.

In TMC-ruled West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress is projected to win 26 out of a total of 42 seats, with NDA projected to win 14 and UPA two.

Following is the state-wise break-up given by the survey agency:

Gujarat: Total 26, NDA 26, UPA 0.

Maharashtra: Total 48, NDA 37, UPA 11.

Goa: Total 2, NDA 2.

Rajasthan : Total 25, NDA 25.

Madhya Pradesh: Total 29, NDA 28, UPA 1.

Chhattisgarh: Total 11, NDA 10, UPA 1.

West Bengal: Total 42, NDA 14, UPA 2, Others (TMC) 26.

Bihar: Total 40, NDA 35, UPA 5.

Jharkhand: Total 14, NDA 13, UPA 1.

Odisha: Total 21, NDA 11, UPA 2, Others (includes BJD) 8.

Himachal Pradesh: Total 4. NDA 4.

Punjab: Total 13, NDA 3, UPA 3, Others (includes AAP) 7.

Haryana: Total 10, NDA 9, UPA 1.

Jammu & Kashmir, Laddakh: Total 6, NDA 3, UPA 0, Others 3.

Delhi: Total 7, NDA 7, UPA 0, Others 0.

Uttar Pradesh: Total 80, NDA 76, UPA 2, Others 2.

Uttarakhand: Total 5, NDA 5, UPA 0.

Telangana: Total 17, NDA 6, UPA 2, Others (includes TRS) 9.

Andhra Pradesh: Total 25, NDA 0, UPA 0, Others (includes YSRCongress) 25.

Karnataka: Total 28, NDA 23, UPA 4 Others 1.

Tamil Nadu: Total 39, NDA 1, UPA(includes DMK) 38, Others 0.

Kerala: Total 20, NDA 0, UPA 20, Others 0.

Tripura: Total 2, NDA 2, UPA 0.

Assam: Total 14, NDA 11, UPA 1, Others 2.

NE states: Total 9, NDA 7, UPA 1, Others 1.

Rest UTs: Total 6, NDA 4, UPA 2, Others 0.

Asked about their first choice for Prime Minister, 48 per cent said they would want to see Narendra Modi again as PM. Modi was followed by Rahul Gandhi with 11 per cent , Mamata Banerjee 8 per cent , Sonia Gandhi 7 per cent , Mayawati 6 pc, Sharad Pawar 6 pc, and Arvind Kejriwal 5 pc, Nitish Kumar 4 per cent , K Chandrashekhar Rao 3 per cent and Priyanka Vadra with 2 per cent.

Asked who is the strongest political opponent of Modi, 23 pc respondents favoured Rahul Gandhi, while 19 pc opted for Arvind Kejriwal. 11 per cent favoured Mamata Banerjee, and 8 per cent each opted for Nitish Kumar and Sonia Gandhi.

The India TV-Matrize Opinion Poll ‘Desh Ki Awaaz’ was conducted from July 11 to 24, in 136 out of 543 parliamentary constituencies of India with a sample size of 34,000 respondents, among whom 19,830 were males and 14,170 were females.

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