India-China Tension: Chinese cyber espionage exposed, Indian telecom on target

New Delhi: China, which is constantly conspiring against India, has been exposed once again. 

Once again a dirty conspiracy of China has been exposed. The Chinese military has targeted Indian telecommunications companies, government agencies and several defense contractors. 

A cyber threats intelligence company has shared this information. A US report has evidence of China’s espionage operations. It further states that the Chinese campaign was linked to a specific unit of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

Two telecom organizations and three defense contractors on target

The findings were published by Recorded Future, under the US headquarters, which earlier this year reported evidence of continued Chinese cyber operations targeting India’s critical infrastructure in the power and port sectors.

The unit, which was uncovered in March, was called Redeco, while the new group has been identified as Redfoxtrot. Recorded Future’s Insect Group has identified the suspect as a Chinese government-sponsored group. It is being marked as RedFoxtrot.

Redfoxtrot targeted several Indian organizations during 2020 and 2021. Recorded Future’s Insint Group claims that within India specifically, we have successfully identified two telecom organizations, three defense contractors and several additional government and private sector organizations in the last six months to successfully target groups.

China’s dirty strategy

A representative of the Insikt said that this movement, especially from the Chinese side, took place at a time of heightened tension between India and China. In a separate blog post, Recorded Future said these findings were based on analysis of network traffic, the footprint of malware used by attackers, domain registration records and data transmitting from potential targets. It is being told that NTPC plants were also involved in these Chinese attacks.

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PLA  involved in deadly cyber attacks

It has been active in more deadly cyber attacks since the reorganization of the PLA in 2015. Largely automated network traffic analyst and expert Recorded Future found in its investigation that these cyber attacks were being carried out beyond the borders of Asian countries. 

These attacks have been going on since 2014. Redfoxtrot has targeted all important installations ranging from defence, aerospace, government, telecommunications in India in collusion with Unit 69010 of the PLA.

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