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Imran Khan has sold Pakistan’s marine resources, coastline to China

Sept. 6, 2020, 12:43 p.m.

Islamabad: To make Xi Jinping happy, Imran Khan has also handed over the maritime territory and coastline of Pakistan to China. 

Pakistan has allowed Chinese ships to catch fish on its coastline and China has also started fishing activities here. But this sea deal has made the people of Pakistan angry. Thousands of fishermen have come out on the streets in protest.

Imran snatches away the livelihood of fishermen

The public anger against the rule of Imran Khan is at the seventh heaven. Rebellion has spilled out to the streets of Karachi. People are mocking Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan because he has strangled the national interests of his own people in order to please China. 

Imran Khan, who has sacrificed Pakistan’s land and natural resources at the alter of Chinese economic interests, has also mortgaged Pakistan’s maritime territory and coastline to China. This has threatened the livelihood of Pakistan’s fishermen.

The fishermen have given an ultimatum to Imran Khan. They have warned that if the Chinese fishing vessels continue to operate in and around Pakistan’s coastline, they will start an agitation against the government of Imran Khan.

Financially backward Pakistan is being exploited extensively by India’s principal enemy China and is becoming more and more bankrupt. China continues to occupy Pakistan’s resources in the name of investment in the impoverished country. 

China has made Pakistan its colony through the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The biggest evidence of Pakistan’s slavery is the exploitative sea deal with China.

Pakistani fishermen say that Chinese ships have the ability to catch fish on a large scale, which will gradually destroy the marine resources in the region and they will also have to bear the brunt of it. 

According to the report of the Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum, the number of fish in the coastal areas has already been reduced by 72% due to unchecked fishing activities.

Around 2.5 million people live and fish in the coastal areas of Pakistan. These fishermen use small boats and cannot go deep into the sea. Chinese ships can do this because they have huge nets. Through these huge nets, they can catch fish on a large scale. 

Chinese fishing trawlers can also extract fish eggs from the sea. Due to this, the fishermen of Pakistan will not get fish for years.

It is being said that these Chinese fishing trawlers throw the trapped fish into the sea, which is of no use to them. Dead fish cause great damage to the sea environment as well. Imperialist China is currently engaged in seizing seafood all over the world, whether it is Ecuador or the Australian coast, with Chinese ships fishing at various spots all over the world. 

Chinese people are currently consuming about one-third of the world’s seafood, which has almost killed off all the fish on the Chinese coast, and China is now eyeing for fishing resources in other countries.

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