IMA Uttarakhand sends ₹1,000 cr defamation notice to Baba Ramdev over his remark on allopathy medicines

New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association’s Uttarakhand division has sent a defamation notice to Yoga guru Ramdev over his recent comment wherein he trifled allopathy medicines and questioned its efficacy. 

The top medical body has demanded Ramdev to post a video countering his statements and tender a written apology within 15 days and if he fails in doing so, ₹1,000 crore will be demanded from him, ANI reported. 

In the six-page notice, remarks made by Ramdev have been described as damaging to the reputation and the image of allopathy and around 2,000 practitioners who are part of the top medical association. It has said the remarks of the yoga guru was a “criminal act” under section of 499 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

“I am ready for face-to-face with Baba Ramdev. Ramdev does not have a lot of knowledge about allopathy, despite that he is against allopathy and the doctors associated with it. He is making rhetorical statements,” IMA’s Uttarakhand unit president Dr Ajay Khanna was quoted as saying by the news agency.  Alleging that Ramdev is constantly lying about his medicines, Khanna further said that his recent comment on allopathy have come as detractor for people who have tirelessly been working on development of allopathic medicines. 

IMA had earlier sent a legal notice and demanded prosecution of the Yoga Guru after one of his videos went viral on social media wherein he could be seen ridiculing allopathy medicines as he questioned its efficacy. “Allopathy is a stupid science. Firstly, hydroxychloroquine failed, the remdesivir failed… Plasma therapy effectiveness is now banned, the steroids have failed. Even Fabiflu and Ivermectin have also failed,” he said in Hindi.

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“We do not oppose modern medical science and allopathy. We believe that allopathy has shown immense progress in surgery and the lifesaving system and served humanity. My statement has been quoted as part of a WhatsApp message that I was reading during a meeting of volunteers. I am sorry if it has hurt anyone’s sentiment,” Ramdev said in his letter to the Union health minister. 

Prior to this, Ramdev had come under fire for his remark on Covid infected people on oxygen support. He had said that people struggling with the lack of oxygen need to do yoga and claimed that with yoga, they have increased people’s oxygen levels. He further stressed that the universe is filled with oxygen and so, he doesn’t understand when people ‘complain’ about the lack of it.

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