Ileana D’Cruz rages on the news of her pregnancy and abortion, calls it ‘fake news’

New Delhi: Bollywood is full of rumors and is very famous for its controversies. Sometimes even stars are stunned to hear gossip about themselves. Actress Ileana D’Cruz became the latest victim of the gossip lobby. Ileana is very shocked to hear the rumor spread about herself and is very upset about it.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Ileana told that this fake news is getting spread about her that she was pregnant and due to this she has had an abortion as well. At the same time, she also denied the news which claimed that Ileana tried to commit suicide.

Ileana further said, ‘There are some people who raise rumors of which one news was related to my pregnancy and abortion. People write this type of news, it is very sad. Not only this but it was also written that I had tried suicide but my med had saved me. While I tell you that I do not have any meds and I am alive. What makes the news like this? I do not know where they get such free time to spread this fake news from.’ Also, in 2018 also there was some news about Ileana and her boyfriend, although Ileana denied it by writing a post on Instagram back then too.

Let me tell you that just a few days ago, Ileana said a surprising thing. During an interview, Ileana revealed that she has been a victim of body shaming since the age of 12. In a recent interview, Ileana said that she has suffered from body shaming since childhood. She says that even today every day through social media, at least 10 people make fun of her body parts through social media.

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