Iconic star Elton John shares being ‘in top health’ on recent Instagram post

New Delhi: Iconic singer Elton John conveyed to his fans that he was ‘in top health’ after reports were doing the rounds of Elton ‘looking frail’ in a wheelchair, and announced the news on his Instagram on Thursday.

Taking to his Instagram account, Elton said, “I want to thank all my fans for reaching out to ask about my health after the tabloids ran a silly story about my ‘looking frail’ in a wheelchair. The true story is that I’m in top health, loving my shows and playing and singing at my very best. I give 100% every night and never want to disappoint, especially after everyone has waited so long to get back to seeing shows. Your response to every show has been phenomenal and I’m loving every minute of it.”

Elton even cited the reason why he was clicked while sitting in a wheelchair.

“After another rousing 2.5-hour show, we arrived at Leipzig airport just before curfew, to find part of the airport had closed. It was an extremely long walk to get to the plane, so my team kindly laid me in a wheelchair so I could rest my hip after doing the show. That’s all folks.” added Elton on his Instagram post.

Elton clarified that owing to his tour stop this week in Germany, he was unable to perform physically at the Platinum Jubilee, reported Page Six.

The June 4 Platinum Jubilee Event witnessed the performance of notable artists like Alicia Keys, Hans Zimmer, and Queen. At the event, David Beckham, Dame Julie Andrews and Sir David Attenborough made special guest appearances as well.

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first published:June 6, 2022, 9:28 a.m.

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