ICMR-VCRC develops special mosquitoes to control Dengue, Chikungunya

New Delhi: In order to control Dengue and Chikungunya, ICMR-Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC) developed special female mosquitoes that will mate with males and produce larvae that do not carry these viruses.

The ICMR-Vector Control Research Centre in Puducherry developed two colonies of Aedes aegypti, infected with wMel and wAlbB Wolbachia strains called Ae. aegypti (Pud) for decreasing the spread of the viral disease. The VCRC had been working for the last four years on Wolbachia mosquitoes.

The actual project may need numerous government approvals as ‘mosquitoes are to be released every week in the local areas’.Speaking to ANI, Dr Ashwani Kumar Director ICMR-VCRC, Puducherry said, “We have prepared mosquitoes to replace Dengue and Chikungunya mosquitoes. We will release female mosquitoes which will mate with males and produce larvae who do not have these viruses. We have prepared mosquitoes and eggs and can release them anytime.”

The expert cited good potential in the technology and informed that the study started four years ago and has been completed now but government approvals were still pending.

“There is a good potential in the technology. The study started four years ago and has been completed now but the government approvals are still pending,” added Dr Ashwani Kumar.

According to the World Health Organization, dengue is one of the fastest emerging infections and is currently the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral disease known. (ANI)

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