I trust in settling individuals’ issues as the essential goal of my life: Kunwar Gourav Anand

New Delhi: Born in the Rajouri district of Jammu and Kashmir, Kunwar Gourav Anand is now a renowned name in the Indian business sector. He is currently the proprietor of multiple businesses such as Cryptocurrency, gaming cryptocurrency apps, and more. Gourav is essentially known as a visionary in the business world. He has revolutionized the cryptocurrency market by introducing JI-O cryptocurrency.

Gourav completed his MBA from D. Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pune. He has invested in various projects and businesses as an entrepreneur since 2009.

After all the success, power, and fame Gourav has achieved, he remains attached to his roots, culture, and the ideologies instilled in him. Gourav rose towards fame when during the pandemic, he worked consistently day through the night to understand what people required and ensured timely delivery of those resources. Kunwar Gourav Anand says, “I trust in settling individuals’ issues as the essential goal of my life.”

An indispensable part of Gourav’s life is giving back to society. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, he works tirelessly in developing the community, uplifting the public, and rendering his unlimited support to important issues.

Apart from being a social worker, Kunwar Gourav Anand is very active in the world of politics as well. He has developed and maintained strong connections with different people in the position of power and state pastors of the nation. He has executed more than 100 social events with the nation’s top clergymen, IAS and IPS specialists, and other government bodies to ascertain the core problem in people’s matters. Kunwar Gourav Anand further adds, “I have worked closely with top IAS officers and others and guaranteed individuals who had experienced the most during the pandemic ought to find support in the manner conceivable.”

For a very long time, Kunwar Gourav Singh has been in the headlines for his good deeds towards society. His determination to keep giving back is unshakable. This determination, devotion, and dedication of Gourav are inspiring hundreds of youth all over India.

first published:March 26, 2022, 8:33 p.m.

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