Hyunbin and Son Ye-jin wedding: Global fans come together to wish ‘CLOY’ stars

Hyunbin and Son Ye-jin wedding: Global fans come together to wish 'CLOY' stars

New Delhi: Hyunbin and Son Ye-jin recently announced their wedding. The couple, who went from real to reel, is set to tie the knot soon. The ‘Crash Landing on You’ actors’ fans have rejoiced as they celebrate the union of their two favourite stars. Not only in Korea, Hyunbin anbnd So Yejin enjoy a huge fan following across the globe. 

The tvN’s drama ‘Crash Landing on You (2019-2020),’ starring the two actors together, gained huge popularity in various countries as well as Korea. In Japan, where the ‘Crash Landing on You’ particularly gained amazing popularity, many media and newspapers such as Yomiuri Shimbun and Sankei Sports reported the marriage of Hyunbin and Son Ye-jin. 

‘Crash Landing on You,’ a TV series depicts the relationship between a South Korean conglomerate heir and an elite North Korean military officer, was released on Netflix in February 2020, had ranked in the Top 10 charts for 10 weeks in Japan.

Netflix Japan’s official Twitter said on a tweet, “Congratulations on Hyunbin and Son Ye-jin’s marriage.” Japanese fans also wrote comments, saying “May the two be happy even when they get old and become grandfather and grandmother,” and “I feel like my relative is getting married.”

With the announcement of their marriage, ‘Hyunbin’ keyword ranked first in trending searches on Japan’s portal site Yahoo on the previous day.

Chinese fans are also blessing their marriage. Weibo announced their marriage on the main screen. Many Chinese fans commented on their marriage news, such as “I will watch ‘Crash Landing on You’ again,” and “This love is so perfect, so my waiting is worth it.”

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‘Hyunbin’ and ‘Son Ye-jin’ also ranked in Trending Now chart on Yahoo Taiwan. Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand, where ‘Crash Landing on You’ was popular, also showed great interest in the two actors’ marriage.

In addition, Netflix Brazil and Netflix India also congratulated Hyunbin and Son Ye-jin’s marriage on their official Twitter

first published:Feb. 14, 2022, 11:13 a.m.

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