Hrithik Roshan opens up on his process of working as an actor


Hrithik Roshan

Indian superstar, Hrithik Roshan, is never away from the action and is always entertaining his fans. The actor is all geared up for his film Fighter and Hrithik who has previously worked with Siddharth Anand has now opened up on his process of working as an actor. During an interaction at IFFI 2021, Hrithik was asked if actors actually feel certain emotions or if one’s able to act that brilliantly and indifferently as they drown into the role.

To this the star replied – “Every actor has his own process, there’s no process that’s wrong. I’m the kind of an actor who takes from my own life. I’m usually sifting through my own memories and experiences and try to bring out something on to camera which is my secret, it’s in my head. The emotion is real because I can feel it, it’s from my life and my experience.”

He further added – ‘’I usually feel all my emotions and it’s great because if I hadn’t felt the emotions and the director said – Great shot! I’d know we’re not in sync.”

Hrithik Roshan also opened up on working with Sidharth again for ‘Fighter’, he said: “Yes its extremely exciting and more so, because I think coming back on a set where Sid (Sidharth Anand) has seen me be a certain good in War which kind of drives me to know that this anxiety that is building, is because the good has already been done, it has to be better.

He added: “Personally, I think that is my responsibility, because I don’t want to disappoint my director who has had the faith in me to cast me in a film like this and its scarier because its very hard to impress him now. Because I have done everything I could have but what more am I going to pull out of my pocket, that’s something that I’m going to spend some nights thinking about.”

In the past, Hrithik and Anand have delivered hits such as War and Bang Bang and are now back with a power-packed action patriotic film. Fighter is Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone’s very first collaboration.

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