How to generate an ATM pin for a Debit card?

Did you open an account in the bank? Got your new debit card? Do you know you need to generate a pin? There are instructions to do it.

However, you must know there are at least three to four ways to generate a debit card pin.

In any case, debit card pin generation is easier than you think. But remember, it still needs utmost precaution to generate the same.

Here in this article, you will get to know everything about generating the pin for a debit card and what other things you need to be concerned about. So, let’s get started, shall we?

How to generate a Debit card pin?

The methods listed below are several ways of generating a debit card pin. Another fact, the procedure for generating pins for any debit card can differ from one bank to another. For example, while you go for the SBI debit card pin generation, the guidelines can be different. Therefore, while generating the pin, be careful!

Now, these are some of the steps you can generally follow through.

Generate a debit card pin using the ATM Machine

After getting the card, try to open the envelope carefully in order to obtain the four-digit pin which the bank provided along with your debit card. Now insert the debit card into the ATM and enter the debit card number and also the ATM pin. Next, you will be asked to create a new ATM pin. Now put the numbers of your desire and create a new four-digit pin.

Generating a debit card Pin through Netbanking

You can also use Netbanking while generating a pin. So, first, log in to your bank’s internet banking portal. Now navigate to the Debit Card section in the portal and select any option that says “create a pin or “Generate pin”. When you go for that option, the portal will give you the necessary instructions on how to activate the debit card. Later, follow the steps to activate your debit card online.

Generating a debit card pin by using Phone banking

While applying for the debit card, you must have received a phone banking PIN or other information that may have assisted you when you are in the midst of phone banking conversations. Dial the phone number which is provided to you and try to speak with the operational member in order to activate the debit card pin. The moment you get connected, follow all the instructions which are given to you at the time of the phone call so that you can activate your debit card.

Another important note to remember

Banks generally send OTP to the user’s registered mobile number to verify and activate the debit card. And not only that, one thing that you always need to remember, never share or click on any general links to activate the card or even when you want to change or create a debit card PIN with any random person other than the bank.

Things you must keep in mind during Debit card pin Generation

When you are generating your new debit card pin, there are several things you must keep in mind.

  • First, Never share your debit card pin with anonymous people. Most importantly, do not click on any random links or sites that compel you to change or create the debit card pin.
  • Keep your password strong. Put the numbers which are not similar to your birthdays or phone number, or other personal information. And protect your debit card pin while you are using it at POS.
  • Remember, always try to use the authorized site while you are making the payments with your debit card that require the entry of your debit card pin. Always manage your debit card carefully by changing the PIN sometimes and making it your regular habit.

To wrap it up, these are some methods you can use while generating a new ATM PIN. However, you need to ensure that you understand all the necessary information while generating a pin and also keep other aspects in mind while activating the debit card.