Horoscope Today, 2 December 2020: Aquarius Folks May Plan Investment, Profit Coming In Soon! Check What’s More In Store

Aries – Maintain transparency in relationships, fairness and harmony is the need of the hour. Planned work will be in progress. It is a good time to start a new job. There is a possibility of better profit in business related to stock market. Businessmen have to make decisions while keeping mind active and do not make any major investment at the behest of less experienced or unknown person. The day will be normal for youth and students. Be aware of diseases and related medicines. Motivate children to take bold decisions, good results will be obtained.

Taurus – There is a need to increase activism in social work. Keep in mind that it will be better to keep away from the disputes. Make full use of the functionality at the site. Today is the day of profit for the drug dealers. Retail traders should be careful about the quality of the products. Students will get excellent opportunities in higher education. Youth should try other options for jobs. There may be chest discomfort, a little caution has to be kept in view of the weather. One should be careful about the secrets of the family, sharing it with children can be dangerous.

Gemini- Do not start work without doing any planning today. To improve performance, you have to be mentally very active. Career related problems may arise, ignoring them can increase difficulty in future. Be good towards employees, motivate them to work in unison. The youth have to be very cautious about their goals. Do not lose focus. Students should be serious about examination and higher education. Be careful while driving today, there is a possibility of serious injury. Be aware of the health of the mother in the family, take full responsibility for their needs.

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Leo – The day can be challenging and stressful today. Financial constraints will also disturb the mind. Disputes in the office can disturb the work. Try to keep yourself away from spontaneous debate. There is a possibility of big expenses in the business, measure up, saving is very important for the future. If you are worried about excess weight, then work out an action plan to reduce it. Do not argue with family members on unnecessary things for the sake of peace and happiness at home. Before taking any important decision, be sure to take a general opinion.

Virgo- Today, mental anxiety can spoil many important tasks. Do not let stress dominate you. You may have to spend more time in official work. The responsibility given by the boss will increase your value  and importance in the office in future. Milk traders may have to face customer complaints, be very cautious about the quality. The youth should not ignore the mother’s words. Students should start working hard to prepare for the examinations. People struggling with high BP need to stay away from anger. There may be concern about the future of the child. It will be beneficial to take a opinion from the senior citizens before making any decision.

Libra – Today will give mixed results. Someone can be the reason for your grief. There will also be guidance from seniors on difficult issues, follow them. There is a possibility of profit in business, but be cautious about the stock market. If you are going to invest, then you have to decide wisely. Students should not be negligent about teacher’s advice. Parents have to take special care of young children. Do not over-eat at all to prevent health from deteriorating. Indigestion dehydration may occur.

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Scorpio- Learn to control your emotions. Make your decisions thoughtfully, do not let anyone get angry, people close to you can turn away their face. The day will be auspicious for the traders doing export work. Retail traders should be aware of legal matters. Keep business related paper fully sorted. Students can choose to relax if they do not want to study today. Along with calming the mind, keeping yourself fresh will help. While going out for work, be aware of the ongoing pandemic. Shopping without thinking will make wasteful spending. There is a need to increase focus on savings.

Sagittarius- Today people associated with social service will get respect. Increase your social circle. Those interested in singing may find good opportunities. Do not talk in ego with anyone in the office. Be restrained and soft. The businessman should check all the necessary facts before entering into a new deal. The day will be normal for youth and students. Blood pressure may increase leading to discomfort, get yourself diagnosed by contacting the doctor in time. Lack of communication with loved ones can create distance in relationships. Be cooperative with everyone for happiness and peace in the family.

Capricorn- Today, focus on work without worrying about the result. Keep in mind that your performance will affect your career in the future. You may have to hear the rebuke of the boss if there is a mistake in the office. Those selling electronic goods will have good sales. Students have to get used to doing homework on time. It is high time to study with full enthusiasm for exams. One has to be alert to accidents, there is a possibility of fire, take care not to be careless about open electrical wires or fire appliances.

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Aquarius – Today, opinion on serious issues can spoil the image. Keep yourself confident, even the most difficult tasks of the office will be completed easily. Businessmen should plan for big investment, there is a possibility of better profit in the coming time. The youth needs to speak thoughtfully. Stomach diseases may emerge, balance your diet, more use of seasonal vegetables will be beneficial. If you are planning investment, then land can be a better option. Marital relationships will improve. Respect your spouse and include them in your decision.

Pisces – Today, you will get success in improving a bad relationship. Your mind will be happy to get the work you want in the office, your performance will improve with the guidance of the boss. Increase interest in artistic works too, avoid wasting time. Stationery businessmen might feel disappointment. Those who do food work will get benefits. Young people can get success in important work by using technology. Be cautious about the health of the sick and elderly people  at home. Gossip and have fun with the family when you get time.

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