Holi 2022 Recipe: Make These Delicious & Healthy Banana Chips At Home

Holi 2022 Recipe: Make These Delicious & Healthy Banana Chips At Home

New Delhi: A variety of salty dishes are made on Holi, this time try this easy banana chips recipe. Children and adults all love banana chips. Although you will find yellow coloured banana chips in the market, you can easily make and eat them at home too.

You can eat banana chips while fasting as well. Know how to make banana chips at home. 

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Recipe of banana chips 

  • You will need 2 hard and raw yellow bananas for this. It is very important to choose the right bananas when making banana chips.
  • Now make light slits on the peels in these bananas at equal distances.
  • Remove the edge of the banana and gently remove the peel by hand.
  • Add salt and 4 tbsp water to a pot and mix it.
  • Heat the oil in a non-stick pan, now add it to it while slicing bananas with a slicer.
  • When banana slices are cooked which will take 1-2 minutes, add 1 tbsp salt-water solution to the pan and mix it. Now let it cook for 1-2 minutes.
  • Now cook them on medium flame while stirring with a ladle till they become crispy.
  • When the sound of oil-water splashes stops. Take out the banana chips on tissue paper.
  • After frying all the banana chips, keep them in an airtight box after they cool down.

While you can enjoy these chips as they are but they will be a great accompaniment to some hot tea. 


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