Holi 2022: 5 proven ways to protect the eyes from damage-causing colours

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How to protect the eyes from damage-causing colours?


  • War sunglasses when you play Holi to protect the eyes
  • Apply coconut oil around the eyes so that larger particles of colour do not enter the eye
  • Use doctor-recommended eye drops after playing with colours so that pupil are clean

Holi, the festival of colours, is a week away. With the pandemic showing signs of weakening, it is expected that the festival will be celebrated with full fervour in states across India. However, one must be careful during celebrations as COVID-19 has not really ended. On the other hand, Holi is synonymous with colours. People smear gulal on each other and even play with water on this occasion. In such conditions, it is imperative that proper care must be taken so that our vital organs, especially our eyes, are protected from harm. 

Here is how you can celebrate Holi safely without causing damage to the eyes.

Wear sunglasses

Sunglasses are a sure shot way to protect one’s eyes from the flying colour. Be gentle when applying colour on others and let the glasses be a shield for the sight.

Avoid contact lenses

People who are in the habit of wearing contact lenses should ditch them while playing with colours. If the colour gets on the lenses, they will get stained. Moreover, chances of colour or the chemical seeping into the eyes are also very high. 

Use herbal colours

Ditch chemical-laden colours on Holi. Herbal gulal should be used as it is devoid of chemicals and won’t cause much harm even if it gets inside the eye by mistake. That said, even herbal gulal can contain some chemicals, so try and play safe with them too. 

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Use doctor-recommended eye drops

After you have played with colour, make sure you rinse your eyes with cold and clean water. After that, use doctor-recommended eye drops so that they are clean and you are safe from any eye allergies. 

Use cold cream and oil around the eyes

It is advised to apply cold cream or oil around the eyes before you begin to play with Holi colours. Cream and coconut oil will avoid the colour from entering your eye.   


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