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Here’s a magical drink that will help you in instant weight loss

New Delhi: Obesity has become common due to poor routine, improper eating, and stress nowadays. It is also a genetic disease, which goes on from generation to generation. Some people resort to dieting, however, the calorie count is necessary to control increasing weight. If you also exercise for fast weight loss, then definitely drink this special drink before exercising. Not only can you reduce your weight, but you will always be fit and fine.

Research published in a leading journal for health and nutrition has revealed that drinking coffee 30 minutes prior to your exercise can be a great help in controlling weight gain. For this, keep in mind that drink strong coffee. According to this research, drinking coffee 30 minutes before doing aerobic exercise burns extra fat. The biggest advantage of this is that you can consume coffee at any time (morning or evening) before exercising. However, it gives better results if done in the afternoon.

Research has claimed that increasing weight can be controlled by drinking coffee before exercising. The research involved 16 people who were advised to drink coffee before exercising. This research found that coffee can be helpful in reducing weight. According to the research, 3mg of coffee should be consumed daily to burn fat. Simply put, if you weigh 60 kg, then drink 180 mg of coffee daily before exercising. One thing to keep in mind is to consume sugar-free black coffee.

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