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Here are 10 unknown facts about the birthday boy Varun Dhawan

New Delhi: Varun Dhawan stole the hearts of a million girls with his debut movie, Student Of the Year. And not just that! With that ‘hot body’ to die for, he also became an inspiration for a lot of men in the country. Today, the Badlapur actor is turning 34 so let’s tell you a few secrets about him that you didn’t know about. 

1. He is crazy for warm-up. Once he had injured his hip bone during an action sequence while shooting for Main Tera Hero, and he blames ‘not warming up’ before the shot for that incident.

2. Varun was an athlete during his school days, and that required him to work hard to increase his stamina. He did so by swimming all through his school years.

3. Varun gets his training from the celebrity trainer, Prashant Sawant, who also trains Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn. 

4. Varun firmly believes that if your body is injured, you should give it enough time to heal. 

5. Coming from a family that has a history of diabetes, Varun makes sure that he never compromises on what he eats.

6. In his debut film ‘The Student Of The Year’ Varun essentially played himself: a spoilt rich kid who likes to get everything he wants.

7. Varun’s elder brother Rohit always wanted to be a director while Varun was adamant about being an actor. They are as inseparable in real life as Ram and Laxman.

8. During the shooting of ‘Badlapur’ Varun stopped partying and hanging out with friends. He began to enjoy his isolation so much that his mother had to call up Varun’s friends to find out what is wrong.

9. Varun recounted his sense of unstoppable pain when he almost lost his father in Bangkok during the shooting of ‘Main Tera Hero’. 

10. Varun’s character is named Raghav in ‘Badlapur ‘, after Raman Raghav the serial killer on whom Sriram Raghavan had made a documentary before he turned a feature maker.

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