Hema Malini remembers her mother, writes ‘My sheet anchor guiding me from above’

New Delhi: Bollywood’s ‘Dream Girl’ Hema Malini is remembering her mother Jaya Chakravarthy on Monday. The actress shared a series of throwback pictures with mother, she said her mother is her anchor and the main strength of the family.

Taking some old and elegant pictures of her mother on Twitter, Malini wrote, “Remembering my lovely mother, my sheet anchor who is still guiding me from above. She was easily the main strength of our family, a veritable power house who was respected by all in the industry. We love you Amma and miss you so much”

In another Tweet, she wrote, “My mother was with me thro every aspect of my life, stood like a rock of support and looked after my career both as an artiste and as a classical dancer shielding me from any kind of calamities that can happen to the unprotected Thank you Amma for always being there for me” sharing more pictures.

Further, she added, “‘Mummy’as she was called by all who knew her,the respect she commanded was phenomenal.She ruled the family too with an iron hand, though she was the most affectionate & indulgent grandmother to all our kids. Took such pride in the family. All of us have our own equations with her”

She concluded her Tweet series and wrote, “‘How time flies! It seems like just the other day, I was busy sorting out shooting dates with Amma,when I was doing 3 shifts a day! And here I am,doing entirely different things, and without her caring presence!Life has to move on but memories last forever as long as we are alive” Hema Malini has shared many unseen pictures of her mother remembering her, fans have flooded the comment section with heart-eye and love emojis.

Hema Malini married veteran superstar Dharmendra in 1980, when he was already married and had children – Sunny and Bobby Deol. Hema and Dharmendra welcomed two daughters, Esha and Ahana.

first published:Jan. 3, 2022, 3:48 p.m.

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