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Health Update: Know why pieces of coconut should be in your daily diet


LAST UPDATED: Jan. 4, 2021, 3:45 p.m.

NEW DELHI (DIVYA SAINI): Coconut is one of the magical foods one can have, it is considered the natural healer and a best snack according to satvik diet. Coconut is considered as the health-promoting food which has power to heal you from inside. Whenever we get sick doctors recommend drinking coconut water as it has electrolyte properties which removes the harmful toxins from your body by leaving you well hydrated for longer.

Some amazing health benefits of coconut are:

1 Coconut helps to remove the harmful toxins, dirt and bacteria from the body, leaving you clean and hydrated.

2 it is great for skin as it prevents your skin from early ageing, shrink the pores of your skin and prevents acne by leaving it clean, supple and glowing.

3 It has nourishment properties which help to keep you moist from inside as well as outer layer of skin. It has power to keep you hydrated due to its electrolyte properties which adds natural glow to your skin.

4 Coconut is perfect as toppings on sweets as it gives a crunchy taste to a dessert with its amazing health benefits. You can add crushed coconut in chocolates, ladoos, sweets, gajak etc by giving the desserts a unique and crunchy taste.

5 It makes the best post workout drink as when we workout we lose many of water and it is a perfect drink to have soon after workout for instant hydration.

6 You can also make a chutney of coconut as it is not only healthy but gives an amazing taste when consumed with dosa, vada or idli.

7 It is the super food for the people suffering from type 2 diabetes as it has power to maintain the blood sugar levels.

8 Coconuts are loaded with antioxidants that are beneficial in weight loss and also cures the problem of constipation.

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