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Health Tips: 5 easy facial exercises for selfie perfect face

New Delhi: First impression is the last impression and the first thing people notice about you is your face. Therefore, our face builds the first impression. Also we all want a picture perfect face but your selfies show extra fat under your jaw line. This is due to the double chin that you did not know you had. Well, have a look at these facial expressions that will help you achieve a perfect jawline.

A perfect slim face

The normal causes of a double chin include excess of fat, bad posture, genetics or your facial structure. The platysma is the muscle that connects your jawline to your shoulders. And loosening of this muscle leads to the double chin and sagging skin on the neck. Here is an exercise for your chin and jaw area.

1.Lower Jaw Push

Lower jaw push exercise affects your jawline.


1. Keep your face facing forward 

2. Try to move the lower jaw forward

3. Backwards while raising your chin

4. Repeat 10 times for effective and fast results

2. Face- left right

This exercise works on the muscles around your upper lips. 

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1. Open your mouth wide and flare your nostrils

2. Hold this position for about 10 seconds before you release it

3. Repeat this exercise 10 time for better result

3. Tongue Rolling

This exercise tongue rolling and breathing, refresh you and gives you a perfect selfie face. 

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1. Keeping your head straight

2. Roll and stretch your tongue

3. Repeat the process in the same way

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4. Hold your tongue in this position for 10 seconds

5. Repeat the same process after 10 seconds

4. Fish Exercise

We all pout in our selfies but did you know pouting is an exercise that can help you to reduce your chin fat.

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1. suck your cheeks 

2. Hold them for 30 seconds

3. Then relax

4. Repeat this exercise 4-5 times

5. Chewing Gum

Did you that chewing gum is an exercise. It can help you to fight with sighns of ageing. Practice chewing gum every helps to reduce the facial fat.  It also helps in the smoothening out skin.

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If you want to avoid chewing gum due to the sugar it contains, you can simply run your mouth and pretend to be eating.


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