“He Beat The Machine”: Water Rower Bursts Mid-Workout At Gym


The video has received 90,000 upvotes on Reddit.

Gym is a temple for fitness enthusiasts who regularly record their progress and keep pushing their limits with intense workouts. But sometimes, pumping too hard can cause the machine to break.

The same thing happened when a man pushed himself too hard on a rowing machine, which caused the machine to burst.

The man had just completed four cardio reps and was on his fifth one when the machine broke down.

The video was posted on Reddit by the user Unexpected two days ago and has gone viral now. The 15-second clip, in orange tint, has been given upvotes by 90,000 users.

“He beat the machine. His membership should be free forever,” a user commented. “When your trainer says do 100 reps and you do 101,” added another.

However, some users claimed that the rowing technique used by the gym-goer is not good. “This guy is doing some kind of upper body muscle activity, not rowing,” a comment said.

Though the name of the gym or its location have not been revealed in the video, some users claimed it is one of the franchises of Florida-based Orangetheory Fitness (OTF).

One Reddit user said that OTF people keep orange light on during the workouts.

Rowing is considered one of the best total body workouts. The pulling motion of rowing gives the users strength and at the same time, activates a number of muscles including those in the back, arms, shoulders, legs, glues and abdominals.

The workout shown in the Reddit video was being done on a water rowing machine. These machines are a huge hit, with some gym users claiming they give a smooth and realistic feel of water.

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