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Happy Teachers’ Day: Today we thank the guiding lights of our lives

Sept. 5, 2020, 5:14 p.m.

New Delhi:

                 ‘Guru Govind dou khade kake lagu paye

                 Balihari guru aapne Govind diyo bataay.”

                                                                   Saint Kabir.


The lines mentioned above suit the today’s occasion of TEACHERS’ Day. It means that if God and Guru both are standing in front of a person then the person would touch the pious feet of his/her Guru as he/she has shown the glorious path to our heavenly God.  

This world will be nothing without our hardworking, and selfless teachers as they are the primary source of information and moral values which are inculcated in every human on this planet.

When we talk about TEACHERS, it does not specifically mean a person holding a degree,but any person who imparts relevant knowledge, ethical values and most importantly keeping the humanity alive in the person. For example a child’s most important, first and constant teacher is considered to be a mother who guides her child/ children in every path of his or her life. 

It is the teacher who gives its nation various proud, honest and diligent citizens by inculcating humanity in them. Teachers bring out the best in every student. A country can never progress if the foundation of students are shaken, for that prime reason, teachers are needed.

In every scriptures, it is clearly mention that the status of teachers should always be high, respectful in nature. It is quite astonishing that not only humans, but nature and animals can also be our teachers. Animals teach us compassion, love and importance of family. One of the best animals is dog which teaches immense love and loyalty. When it comes to mother nature, it teaches us the importance of respect and protection. If we don not preserve our precious nature, it will payback in endangering forms like novel  coronavirus disease. 

We are lucky enough to be guided in every journey of our life. Teachers are the reason why we have such brilliant people who then shine bright like a diamond in the future and make not only the country, but also the teacher who taught the person proud. Teaching is such a noble profession where teachers always wants their students to be better than them. It is ironic that the teacher’s worth is not realised by the student when they receive priceless education but when they are supposed to venture out in  the real world , only then they realise that whatever their teachers taught them was only and only for their own incentives. Honestly. mere words can never justify the worth of teachers in our life.

Below mentioned are some of the beautiful lines about teachers in the holy scriptures

From Holy Bible

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go ; i will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

From Holy Bhagavad Gita

Serve the guru with our mind , giving up doubts. He will then bestow the knowledge , and happiness upon us.

From Holy Islam

The teacher acts as a mentor and builds a friendly class environment.

As stated earlier, the reputation and status of teacher shall forever be higher than most other people in the world. It is very unfortunate that during the lockdown period everyone has witnessed such low grade incidents that went viral on the internet. The ones who even in these difficult times are selflessly striving hard to teach so that the students are not deviod of education are being threaten by their own students. We at news24 condemns such low grade behavior of pupil and urges them to be sensible enough to know the importance of teachers. With this we wishes every person who gives , guides and bestow essential knowledge and moral values by keep humanity alive , A very HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY. May GOD always showers his blessing upon them forever and ever. HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY.

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