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Happy Hug Day 2021: Know About The Magic Of Hug, Check Wishes, Messages To Share On This Day

The valentine’s week celebration is in full swing, and the special day for everyone in love is just two days far from us. Hugs Day falls on February 12, and the day is dedicated to express your feelings for loved ones. Make sure to hug those who matter to you because it is a way to express care, affection, and love for them. The day is meant to show more emotion in public. The only way to celebrate the day is by offering a hug to anyone and everyone you want. Also Read: Daily Horoscope, February 12, 2021: Librans Will Get Good News Soon; Know About Other Sun Signs

For humans since the day we are born, hugs or touch is said to help us significantly. It not only improves our sleep but hugging like cuddling also releases oxytocin. On its own, this hormone provides tremendous health benefits. This means that it gives us feel-good hormones, but it reduces pain. Also,  do not forget a hug can also help in reducing stress, lower blood pressure, and the risk of heart disease along with curbing anxiety.

So take some time out to hug your loved ones today. You can also share these lovely messages below to share with your loved ones.

  • There is always a shoulder for me to lean,
    Where you are!
    A hug that can fill me with love is always there,
    Where you are!
    Everything I can dream of is there,
    Where you are!
    Happy Hug Day darling!
  • A warm and cozy hug is the best gift that I can give to the macho man of life. I am sure that my love will melt your heart. Happy Hug Day, baby!
  • Having you in my life is the best gift that God has given me ever and I will keep my only treasure secure in my arms hugging me for a lifetime. Happy Hug Day, sweetheart!
  • A hug might be a simple gesture, but it feels amazing when it’s you hugging me. Happy Hug Day!
  • A very happy and special Hug Day to my love. Holding you in my arms is the best feeling that cannot be put in words!
  • It’s sweet
    It’s warm
    It’s here
    A warm hug with the ocean of love and care
    Only for you, love
    Happy Hug Day!


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